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Freya floral >>> botanical stylist


Creating beautiful florals for Weddings, events, large & small scale installations, bouquets to reflect their recipients and stunning memorial flowers to commemorate the passing of a loved one. Also hosting regular workshops from a public space in Ferrymead.
Christchurch’s first ‘green’ florist, I have been foam free for 3 years now. I buy as much as I can direct from growers and try to minimise the plastic packaging we get from flowers. When you receive a bunch of FREYA FLORAL blooms, they are wrapped in brown paper and tissue with wet wraps made from compostable plastics.
I am an avid gardener who has a background in horticulture and some training as an arbourist. When I am out foraging (with my trusty side kick) I am always careful to only take what I need and from areas of the plants that will benefit their growth. I will also get in and do some ‘gorilla gardening’ clearing weeds and invasive vines, cutting back other invasive species to let natives and more (insect and bird) beneficial plants an trees grow.

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Introducing me

Caitlin joy

Wearer of many hat’s

The creative heart, mind and soul behind FREYA FLORAL. Taking care of all the design, quoting, ordering and creation of floral and botanical delights as well as web design, social media and accounting. The best part is the design, meeting with clients, foraging for treats and receiving my flower order (always SUPER exciting!) I love to create beautiful bouquets, archways, hanging floral installations-actually any installation pieces- floral pillars, ceremony backdrops and anything else you may throw at me-I also love a challenge. Floristry and plant’s are my passion and I just love bringing the beauty and peace of nature to any space. I run FREYA FLORAL part time, filling the rest of my days with tutoring/planning for workshop’s and writing content for short courses (coming soon), bar tending at Evil Genius, consulting on colour for interior’s and exterior’s, walking with Peaches or getting creative in my home studio or garden.
My goal is to one day open a more public studio space combining my love of floristry, with my other passion’s for house plant’s and emotive interior styling-Botanical Genius (website still to come) and permaculture food and flower gardens.


Peaches Morse

sun seeker and ultimate snuggler

My beautiful hypo allergenic, horse like side kick.
Peaches is the most loveable friendly, very wimpy dog. She is a Bull Mastiff (something cross?) and great at cuddles. Peaches loves to hang out in the morning, midday or afternoon sun and is always seeking the sunniest, most sheltered position to spend some time napping. She is always up for a foraging mission or adventure around my friends gardens or Christchurch's extensive red zones and beautiful, mountainous countryside…unless it’s gusterlies-then she freaks out and gallops away with her tail between her legs and her cute wee face looking back to make sure she’s keeping ahead of the wind.

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